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Project Nischay: Prison Therapeutic Community

Project NischaySince 2004, Project Nischay at Arthur Road Prison has directed a therapeutic community to help with the rehabilitation of incarcerated drug users and prevent HIV/AIDS transmission. Sankalp’s medical officers visit the prison three times a week to conduct health check ups. Our project coordinator works closely with prison authorities to provide care in the separate barrack for Sankalp’s clients.

Our networking partner, Lawyers Collective, extends free legal aid to those in need. Our staff reaches out to clients’ family members to prepare them for court hearings, and provides follow up counseling and care for clients after their release.

Main Objective

To provide drug treatment services, legal advocacy, and health care to incarcerated drug users and prevent HIV transmission in the prison population.

Some specific services include:

  • Providing basic medical care and treatment referrals
  • Leading group and individual counseling sessions
  • Offering adult education, Yoga, & meditation workshops
  • Promoting HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Assisting with legal intervention and prison staff training