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Good Shepherd Recovery Home

Good Shepherd Recovery HomeIn partnership with the Lord’s Ranch Trust, Sankalp offers its clients the opportunity for rehabilitation at the Good Shepherd Recovery Home. The centre, which opened in January 2010, is located in the beautiful, peaceful backwaters of Pune, near Warasgaon Dam. Many of the clients at the Recovery Home have been referred from Sankalp’s various programmes, including the Drop-in Centres and Project Nivara. The structured and comprehensive four-month rehabilitation programme is meant for clients who have already gone through detoxification and want to focus on making the life changes necessary to stay off drugs in the future. Through individual and group sessions with qualified counselors, work therapy (including gardening, cooking, tending to the chickens, cleaning and maintenance), and recreation, clients become part of a community that supports each other during the recovery process. Simultaneously, family counseling sessions are held monthly in Mumbai. These sessions enable family members to address their own issues as well as learn to provide a positive environment for clients returning from the Rehabilitation Centre. Counselors lead clients in sessions to examine their past experiences and relationships and help them plan for their futures, developing a strategy for staying clean and healthy. Learn more about the Recovery home at