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CONTENT_AdvocacyOne of Sankalp’s central missions is to advocate for our clients who often face discrimination due to their drug use, homelessness, or HIV positive status.   On a local level, we work with police officers and law enforcement through educational sessions and films like Ek Roz to increase sensitivity to the issues our clients face.  Similarly, we work with hospitals and healthcare providers to end misinformation surrounding caring for people living with HIV and ensure that our clients can avail of government initiatives. Sankalp is also part of regional and national networks that work on behalf of drug users, people living with HIV(PLHIV) and Hepatitis C, and for access to affordable medicines for all.

Sankalp has also been involved in a number of legal cases to ensure human rights for these groups, including our 2013 victory against Roche, which overturned a patent on their Hepatitis C medication, Pegasys, a drug that was prohibitively expensive for the vast majority of people living with Hepatitis C in India.

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